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The Lighthouse Theatre Poole

A Luminary of Culture, Art, and Entertainment

An Architectural Beacon of Performing Arts

Nestled in the lively coastal town of Poole, The Lighthouse Theatre has been a significant cornerstone of arts, culture, and entertainment since its foundation in 1978. Initially christened the Poole Arts Centre, it was aptly renamed The Lighthouse in 2002, embodying its symbolic role as a guiding light in the world of performing arts. The architecture of this luminary is as distinct as its purpose – to foster a nurturing space for artists and audiences alike. It comprises an array of performance spaces, including a theatre, a concert hall, a cinema, an image lab, and various function rooms and galleries.

The Largest Arts Centre Outside of London

The Lighthouse holds the honour of being the largest arts centre in the United Kingdom outside of London, offering a vast and versatile performance arena for all forms of artistic expression. Its dedication to nurturing talent is unmatched; The Lighthouse has been a nurturing ground for both world-renowned performers and emerging local artists.

An Important Facelift and a New Chapter

One key milestone in The Lighthouse Theatre’s history was the comprehensive refurbishment between 2015 and 2016. This £5.3 million makeover was a strategic move to keep up with the evolving demands of modern performing arts, ensuring The Lighthouse remained a state-of-the-art venue. The transformation received widespread praise and marked a fresh chapter in The Lighthouse’s rich and vibrant history.

Home to Big Names and High Calibre Performances

Over the decades, The Lighthouse has witnessed a spectrum of illustrious performers and acts. In 2013, the stage reverberated to the tunes of the English rock band ‘The 1975’. Sir Ian McKellen, the luminary of the stage and screen, thrilled audiences with his solo show in 2019. Furthermore, musical theatre has found a faithful audience here, with famous productions such as ‘Blood Brothers’ and ‘Chicago’ delivering captivating performances.

A Symphony of Sounds and Dance

The prestigious Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is a regular at The Lighthouse, enriching its wide-ranging repertoire of performances. Their orchestral performances have been a treat for music enthusiasts, contributing to the theatre’s reputation as a premier venue for classical music.

In terms of dance, The Lighthouse has hosted globally acclaimed ballet companies like the Royal Ballet and the Moscow Ballet. Their performances have enchanted audiences and solidified the theatre’s status as a sought-after venue for dance.

Embracing the Contemporary

Not limiting itself to traditional art forms, The Lighthouse has also opened its doors to contemporary acts. Comedy troupe ‘The League of Gentlemen’ and comedian ‘Russell Brand’ are among the notable names that have tickled audiences’ funny bones, showcasing the theatre’s commitment to encompassing a wide spectrum of entertainment forms.

The Cultural Lighthouse of Poole and Beyond

The Lighthouse Theatre continues to shine bright as a critical cultural beacon, both in Poole and the broader United Kingdom. It stands as an enduring symbol of the transformative power of arts and culture, a beacon illuminating the path for the future of performance arts.

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