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Dorset Enterprises Set to Benefit from £200m South West Investment Fund

Dorset Businesses to Benefit Significantly

British Business Bank Unveils New Nationwide Fund

The South West Investment Fund (SWIF), a trailblazing initiative from the British Business Bank, is primed to inject a substantial £200 million into local businesses, signalling promising growth prospects for Dorset. This fund, the first of its kind, marks the beginning of the British Business Bank’s Nations and Regions Investment Funds aimed at democratising access to business finance across the United Kingdom.

The British Business Bank is committed to nurturing a sustainable, robust economy by ensuring that businesses across the nation have the opportunity to flourish. The initiative promises to dismantle various obstacles to financing, providing equal financial opportunities for all entrepreneurs, irrespective of their location, gender, or ethnicity.

Promoting Economic Growth: The Nations and Regions Investment Funds’ Ambitious Mission

The Nations and Regions Investment Funds aim to ignite economic growth by fostering innovation and providing local opportunities for new and expanding businesses across the UK. Their approach, which remains inclusive and viable despite the prevailing economic climate, ensures that all sectors stand eligible for these funds. The future looks bright for businesses in Dorset.

The South West Investment Fund stands out by offering a diverse range of commercial finance options. With loans varying from £25,000 to £2 million, and equity investment extending up to £5 million, SWIF opens up substantial growth opportunities.

Encouraging Diversity, Supporting Sustainability

In addition to expanding the range of finance available for small businesses in the South West, SWIF also has an eye on a more sustainable future. The fund includes an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) approach at its core, supporting the transition of the UK economy towards net-zero emissions.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, The Rt Hon John Glen MP, praised the initiative: “The South West is renowned for hosting some of the nation’s most innovative businesses. This fund will prove crucial in fostering that potential, complementing our levelling up agenda with an additional £300 million to stimulate the local economy and create quality jobs across the region.”

Bournemouth Roadshow: Bridging the Gap Between Fund Managers and Businesses

The South West Investment Fund Bournemouth Roadshow, slated for Thursday, 13 July from 09:30 – 11:45 at The Nici Hotel, provides an invaluable platform for business advisors, accountants, bankers, lawyers, and small business advocates. The event aims to elucidate the various funding options available through SWIF and foster a robust business ecosystem in the South West.

The event also presents an opportunity to interact with fund managers and representatives from the British Business Bank’s Nations and Regions Investment Funds team.

The Application Process: Navigating the Path to Financial Support

For businesses interested in this opportunity, the application process is straightforward:

1. Identify a suitable fund manager using the selection box on this page.

2. Direct an enquiry to the selected fund manager.

3. The fund manager will then engage in a discussion about your business plan and may request further information, including a formal application or pitch deck.

4. The fund manager will then assess your application before making the final investment decision.

This monumental funding opportunity, Dorset businesses, is a catalyst for growth and economic prosperity, setting the stage for a vibrant local business landscape.

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