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Extension Granted for Stop and Search Authority in Bournemouth Centre

Special Stop and Search Power Bournemouth

In response to the recent surge in violent incidents, the special stop and search authority encompassing certain parts of Bournemouth’s town centre has received an extension for an additional 24 hours.

Originally instituted at 6pm on Friday, 11 August, Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 pertains to specific areas, including Bournemouth seafront, Bournemouth Lower Gardens, and The Square. This provision empowers officers to conduct searches on any individual within the designated zone for weapons without the obligation to provide a justification.

The prolongation, which will see the authority last until 6pm on Sunday, 13 August 2023, represents the maximum permissible duration for the utilisation of this power as per governmental statutes.

The extension is because of a lethal stabbing in the vicinity, coupled with other violent episodes and an apprehension of prospective aggression.

In the defined zones, officers, as part of Op Fireglow and Op Nightjar, will intensify their surveillance to detain those with malicious intent, particularly those possessing hazardous tools or weapons.

Superintendent Ricky Dhanda remarked, “I’ve sanctioned the extension of this authority to capacitate our force to inspect potential carriers of weapons who might inflict harm in our localities. 

I’d like to underscore that this measure is a provisional strategic approach aiming to promptly identify such threats, ensuring the safety of our community. It’s a fragment of a comprehensive, collaborative strategy in place to combat grave violence. This includes outreach to individuals known for knife possession, educational initiatives in schools, and inter-agency information sharing to early pinpoint potential juvenile culprits.”

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