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Dorset Council’s Dog Control Order

Has PSPO Enforcement Gone Too Far?

In response to growing concerns about dog waste and public safety, Dorset Council launched the Dog-related Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), intended to last three years. The regulations, whilst necessary for cleanliness and safety, have also stirred debate among dog owners in Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole. Is the enforcement of these rules too strict, or is the Council simply exercising a zero-tolerance policy towards irresponsible pet ownership?

Firstly, there’s no denying the need for regulations. The requirement to clean up after one’s dog is seen by many as a basic responsibility of dog ownership. But the question some pet owners are asking is whether the penalties, which can be substantial fines, are too harsh for those who may occasionally forget a poop bag on their morning walk.

Some pet owners argue the Council might take a different approach, such as installing more dog waste bins in public areas or offering free biodegradable bags. This proactive approach could potentially encourage more owners to dispose of their dog’s waste correctly, thereby reducing the need for strict penalties.

Furthermore, the restrictions on where dogs can and cannot go are another source of contention. While few can argue against the exclusion of dogs from children’s play areas and marked sports pitches, the ban on certain beaches between May and September has ruffled some feathers. Many dog owners feel this is an overreach, suggesting that specified dog-friendly areas or time slots could provide a compromise.

The PSPO also bestows authorised officers with the power to instruct dog owners to put their dogs on a lead. While this might be reasonable in certain circumstances, such as a dog causing disruption or acting aggressively, some owners argue that it could be unjustly applied.

The Council has made clear there are exemptions, particularly for those with disabilities or those with assistance dogs. Nonetheless, dog owners are divided on whether these measures overall represent necessary enforcement or a step too far.

As this issue continues to spark conversation, the Council might consider more community engagement, seeking input from dog owners on these policies and potential alternative solutions. After all, maintaining clean, safe, and peaceful public spaces is a shared goal.

What’s your perspective? Do you believe the Council’s approach is too severe, or do you think the PSPO is necessary to ensure a responsible pet ownership environment? We invite dog owners and community members alike to share their views on this important issue.

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