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Retired Officer Faces Murder Charge in Southbourne

A Gruesome Crime in an Otherwise Peaceful Community

A Disturbing Crime in Bournemouth’s Usually Tranquil Southbourne Neighbourhood

A retired police officer, has been charged with the murder of his wife, 83-year-old Elizabeth Richings, at their home in Southbourne, Bournemouth. The charge follows a tragic incident at their riverside residence, valued at approximately £500,000, on June 3rd. Richings, also aged 83, was hospitalised for treatment following the incident and has since been charged with the crime.

Remembered Members of the Christchurch Priory Congregation

The Richings were familiar faces in Southbourne, being active and beloved members of the local Christchurch Priory. The loss of Elizabeth Richings has sent ripples of sorrow through the community, accentuated by the serious nature of the charges against her husband.

Prompt Response to Welfare Concerns

Dorset Police responded swiftly to concerns raised about Mrs. Richings’ welfare earlier this month. Detective Inspector Mark Jenkins of Dorset Police has assured that the family of the deceased is being provided with all necessary support during this challenging time. Following a comprehensive investigation and consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, the charge of murder was authorised against Mr. Richings.

Crime in Southbourne: An Infrequent Occurrence

Southbourne, a predominantly peaceful neighbourhood, reported 111 street-level crime incidents in March 2023. Violent crime, which encompasses a wide range of offences, was the largest category, accounting for 32 of these incidents. The last significant crime reported in Southbourne before the incident involving the Richings occurred on June 2nd. An attempted burglary at a local Co-operative store led to the activation of a security ‘smoke cloak’, causing initial alarm due to the appearance of smoke billowing from the premises. Dorset Police initiated an investigation into the incident, but no arrests were made.

Proceeding with Justice

The case against Mr. Richings is now subject to active court proceedings, emphasising the importance of allowing the justice system to function without interference. The tragic incident, while deeply unsettling for the local community, underscores the commitment of law enforcement to upholding justice in Southbourne and across Bournemouth.

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