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Embracing Mobile Marketing

A Gateway to Growth for Local Businesses

In the highly connected digital world of today, mobile marketing has transcended the realm of novelty to become an essential aspect of strategic business planning. As the pervasive nature of smartphones integrates deeper into our lives, they serve as an ever-present conduit for interaction between businesses and consumers.

Today’s consumer is invariably tethered to their mobile devices. They rely on them for information, entertainment, shopping, and even social interactions. For businesses, particularly at the local level, this shift in behaviour presents a golden opportunity to engage with potential customers in a more direct, personalised, and interactive manner.

The mobile platform allows businesses to craft marketing strategies that can penetrate the daily routines of consumers, reaching them anytime, anywhere. This provides an unprecedented level of access to potential customers, creating fertile grounds for businesses to sow the seeds of their brand’s message.

From push notifications and app-based marketing to location-based services and SMS campaigns, the scope of mobile marketing is extensive. It allows businesses to offer tailored content, promote special deals, and enhance their customer service experiences. The power to personalise content can improve customer engagement, drive conversions, and foster customer loyalty.

For local businesses, investing in mobile marketing strategies could be transformative. Whether it’s a local café informing customers of the day’s specials or a retail store promoting a flash sale, mobile marketing can deliver your message promptly and efficiently.

A recent Ofcom report revealed that the average UK adult spends around 3 hours and 37 minutes online on their smartphones each day, with a majority of this time spent browsing the internet. Mobile ad expenditure is also rising sharply, anticipated to reach nearly £7 billion in the UK alone by 2022, according to a forecast by Statista.

Given these impressive figures, local businesses in Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole are encouraged to tap into the wealth of opportunities offered by mobile marketing. But what should be the strategy for leveraging this tool?

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Strategies

1. Mobile-Optimised Websites: Google’s Mobile-First Indexing update in 2020 underscores the significance of mobile-friendly websites. It’s vital for businesses to ensure their websites are easily navigable on mobile devices, characterised by swift loading times, readable text, and touch-friendly buttons.

2. Location-Based Services (LBS): Businesses can benefit substantially from location-based services. A 2019 report by the UK’s Mobile Marketing Magazine revealed that 84% of UK marketers believe location-based marketing drives customer engagement and improves the customer experience.

3. Social Media Advertising: Given that nearly 80% of UK social media users accessed their accounts via mobile devices, businesses should consider advertising on social media platforms that provide targeted ad options for mobile users, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

4. SMS Marketing: Despite the prevalence of social media and email, SMS marketing remains an effective tool for reaching customers directly and promptly. SMS Marketing stats highlighted an impressive open rate of 98% for SMS marketing messages.

In conclusion, considering the profitability and reach of mobile marketing, local businesses in Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole should not overlook this strategy. By optimising their approach for mobile users, businesses can effectively engage their target audience, boost sales, and broaden their customer base. As we forge ahead in the digital era, the importance and profitability of mobile marketing are poised to surge.

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