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The Sandman Conjures up Magic in Dorset’s Durdle Door!

Iconic Dorset Landmark Stars in Netflix Fantasy Phenomenon

Prepare for excitement, Dorset dwellers! The picturesque locales of our county have been graced with the presence of Hollywood as Netflix’s mega-hit series “The Sandman” has decided to make Dorset its home for its much-anticipated second season.

The breath-taking Durdle Door beach, an iconic jewel in Dorset’s crown, was the stage for captivating scenes from the US-based fantasy drama. Our very own Tom Sturridge, in the lead role as Morpheus, was spotted immersed in the character, delivering a performance that promises to be nothing short of magical.

Dorset’s Diverse Locales in the Spotlight

But it’s not just Durdle Door that’s caught the eye of the production team! Parkstone Cemetery in Poole has also been buzzing with activity, sparking excited whispers among locals about its potential use as a filming site. Plus, the glitz and glamour of Sandbanks, on the edge of Poole Harbour, has also drawn the attention of the production crew.

The upcoming series is the latest iteration of the TV adaptation of the DC comic, which first hit screens in 2022. It’s a tale of dreams and stories personified, as the character Morpheus seeks to regain his powers and reign over the world of dreaming after a long captivity. Morpheus is a part of the cosmic family known as the Endless, which encompasses other abstract entities like Death and Desire.

Durdle Door’s Illustrious History in Film and TV

This isn’t the first time Durdle Door has been featured in the limelight. Its natural beauty has been the backdrop for many memorable moments in film and television. Fans of the 1967 classic “Far from the Madding Crowd” will remember its stunning shots of Durdle Door, as will viewers of the TV prequel to “Treasure Island”, “Return to Treasure Island”, which aired in 1986.

Not to be left out, the film “Wilde” (1997), and the TV series “The Persuaders” (1971) also showcased this magnificent location. More recently, Durdle Door was showcased in the 2013 film “The World’s End”. Its unique charm is undeniable, making it a favourite choice for filmmakers from around the globe.

So, stay tuned, Dorset! The second season of “The Sandman” is set to be a spellbinding journey, and with our beloved Durdle Door playing a starring role, it’s a show we won’t want to miss!

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