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Shaping Up to be a Coveted Destination for Business Relocation

Nestled in the picturesque county of Dorset, the captivating seaside town of Bournemouth has undergone a transformation into a thriving destination for businesses of all scales. Attracting attention from nationwide businesses, it offers a strategic location, a burgeoning talent pool, and a conducive atmosphere for growth. Here’s a closer look at what makes Bournemouth such a promising hub.

Capitalising on Proximity to London and the South West

Bournemouth finds itself in a unique geographical advantage. Its close-knit connectivity with London, the economic heartbeat of the United Kingdom, serves as a major attraction for businesses. Companies stationed in Bournemouth can seamlessly interact with London’s immense resource pool and expansive network, while simultaneously enjoying significantly reduced operational expenses. Furthermore, Bournemouth serves as the perfect gateway to the South West, granting businesses direct access to the flourishing markets in bustling cities such as Bristol and Exeter.

Leveraging Robust Transportation Links

The allure of Bournemouth is further enhanced by its exceptional transportation connectivity. Easily reachable by rail, road, and air, it presents businesses with the flexibility of movement. Bournemouth Airport, with its flight connections to several domestic and international locations, is particularly advantageous. This not only eases business travel but also simplifies logistics, providing an optimal setting for companies that heavily rely on transportation.

Harnessing a Growing Talent Pool

Bournemouth prides itself on hosting educational institutions like Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth. These centres of learning continually churn out highly skilled graduates, especially in the ever-evolving digital and creative sectors. With such a wellspring of fresh talent, Bournemouth becomes an irresistible destination for businesses constantly seeking to infuse new talent into their operations.

Enjoying a High Quality of Life

In addition to its business benefits, Bournemouth offers a rewarding lifestyle. Its scenic beaches, an energetic cultural scene, and a lower cost of living in comparison to London collectively contribute to a superior quality of life. Such an environment not only helps in attracting a quality workforce but also uplifts employee morale, resulting in higher productivity and overall contentment.

Threading through a Supportive Business Environment

Business-friendly policies and an encouraging atmosphere set the perfect backdrop for success in Bournemouth. The local council, along with organisations such as the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry, offer ample resources and comprehensive support for businesses. This proactive and supportive approach helps nurture a healthy business environment, fuelling the growth of established companies and startups alike.


Bournemouth’s prime location, comprehensive transport infrastructure, readily available skilled workforce, excellent quality of life, and an encouraging business milieu make it an increasingly attractive business hub. With more national businesses discovering and capitalising on these unique advantages, Bournemouth is on the cusp of becoming an even more vibrant and dynamic epicentre for business growth.

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