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The Timeless Icon: BMW E39 5 Series

A Legacy Born from Precision:

When it comes to the perfect blend of performance, luxury, and timeless design, the BMW E39 5 Series remains an undisputed champion. Launched in 1995, it swiftly became the gold standard for executive saloons, setting benchmarks that, to this day, serve as inspiration for modern contenders.

First Impressions Last Forever

Upon its debut, the E39 immediately set itself apart with its harmonious design, blending the elegant and the athletic. With its distinctive kidney grille, sleek profile, and pronounced wheel arches, it struck a chord with both the motoring press and the discerning public. What was clear from the outset was that BMW had managed to capture lightning in a bottle, encapsulating both heritage and innovation in one beautifully sculpted package.

When discussing iconic cars that stand the test of time, the BMW E39 5 Series invariably finds its rightful place. This model was more than just another luxury car—it was an embodiment of BMW’s dedication to crafting an unparalleled driving experience.

Exquisite Interior Craftsmanship:

A deep dive into the E39’s interiors reveals a meticulous approach to design and functionality. BMW’s choice of high-quality materials set new industry benchmarks. The genuine wood trims sourced from fine timber, coupled with the hand-stitched premium leather, created an aura of opulence. Seats weren’t just seats—they were scientifically sculpted ergonomic spaces designed after extensive research, ensuring that occupants were cradled with utmost comfort, even during prolonged drives. Add to that the intuitively placed controls and the precisely designed instrument cluster, and you get an interior space where every detail was obsessed over.

Mastery in Chassis and Suspension:

The genius of the E39’s design shines through its suspension system. By pioneering the use of lightweight aluminium in the front suspension, BMW achieved a reduction in unsprung mass. This significantly enhanced the car’s handling, ensuring a smoother drive and sharper responses. The multi-link “integral link” rear suspension was a masterstroke. This system allowed each wheel to respond independently to the road, offering a unique blend of comfort and sporty handling, precisely what BMW aficionados had come to adore.

A Beacon of Safety Innovations:

The E39 wasn’t just about luxury and performance; safety was paramount. It championed innovations like curtain airbags—a rarity at that time—providing protection against side impacts. But BMW didn’t stop there. The vehicle’s chassis was a marvel in engineering, designed with advanced crumple zones. These zones were crafted to deform upon collision, absorbing the impact’s brunt and safeguarding the passengers within.

Pioneering Acoustic Engineering:

For many luxury cars, a quiet cabin is desirable, but for the E39, it was a mandate. BMW’s engineers delved deep into acoustic science to curate an environment with minimal intrusion from road and wind noise. This was achieved through a combination of superior aerodynamics and the strategic use of insulating materials, offering occupants a serene auditory experience akin to being in a high-end auditorium.

Performance: A Symphony of Engines


When it comes to the world of automotive engines, BMW’s lineup for the E39 stands as a testament to engineering prowess, innovative technology, and a passion for driving.

Versatile Range:

The E39 boasted a varied selection of engines, tailored to different needs yet unified in their commitment to performance. Starting with the 2.0-litre engines, both petrol and diesel variants were available. These smaller engines were meticulously designed to provide a balance between efficiency and responsive performance, making them ideal for city drives and daily commuting.

The Roar of the V8:

On the other end of the spectrum was the commanding 4.9-litre V8, which nestled under the bonnet of the M5. This engine wasn’t just about raw power, although it had that in abundance; it was about delivering a thrilling driving experience. With a staggering 400 bhp, the M5’s engine was a marvel, propelling the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds. Beyond just the numbers, it was the smoothness of the power delivery and the characteristic BMW roar that set it apart.

Advanced Technology:

Beyond sheer size and power, BMW’s commitment to technology was evident in these engines. Features like Double-VANOS variable valve timing (introduced in later models) enhanced engine efficiency and response. This meant that drivers experienced reduced fuel consumption and emissions without compromising on the thrill of acceleration or the growl of the exhaust.


BMW engines, especially those in the E39 series, are renowned for their longevity. With regular maintenance, many E39 owners reported their vehicles smoothly surpassing the 200,000-mile mark. This durability is a testament to the high manufacturing standards that BMW adhered to.

Comparison with Contemporaries:

In a market segment dominated by formidable competitors like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Audi A6, the E39 stood its ground, and in many aspects, outshined its rivals. While the E-Class might have leaned more towards luxury and the A6 towards avant-garde design, the E39 struck a harmonious balance between performance and comfort. Its 50:50 weight distribution, coupled with rear-wheel drive dynamics and the meticulously crafted suspension, gave it an edge on various terrains, be it winding country lanes or vast motorway stretches.

The BMW E39’s engine range was a harmonious blend of size, technology, performance, and durability. Whether it was the humble 2.0-litre or the beastly M5 V8, BMW ensured that every driver’s needs were met and often exceeded.

Modern Day Maverick

BMW E39 Interior

In an era dominated by rapid technological advancements and fleeting car models, the E39 remains a paragon of timeless engineering and design. While its inception dates back to the ’90s, its presence on today’s roads evokes a sense of respect and admiration that few contemporary vehicles can match.

Futuristic Engineering:

One of the primary reasons for its prolonged relevance is the forward-thinking approach of its engineers. The E39 wasn’t just built for its time; it was designed for the future. This ethos is evident in its driveability. Even when pitted against the technologically advanced vehicles of today, the E39 offers a driving experience that strikes the rare balance between raw engagement and sophisticated refinement.

Pioneering Features:

For a car of its era, the E39 was a treasure trove of innovations. Features such as the Dual Zone Climate Control allowed driver and passenger to customise their individual thermal comfort, a luxury that was groundbreaking during its release. The onboard computer wasn’t just a fancy add-on but a comprehensive system providing essential data, from fuel efficiency to maintenance alerts. And let’s not forget the satellite navigation. At a time when many were still reliant on traditional maps, E39 drivers had a digital guide at their fingertips, placing the model leagues ahead of its contemporaries.

A Testament to Durability:

The sheer number of E39s on the road, even after decades, speaks volumes about its durability. Clocking over 200,000 miles isn’t just a rare feat for many of them; it’s a norm. Such endurance isn’t merely by accident. Every element, from the resilience of the chassis to the wear-resistant interiors, showcases BMW’s unwavering commitment to crafting vehicles that last.

Build Quality:

Pick any E39, and you’ll witness a consistency in build quality that’s hard to find. The precision with which each component fits, the tactile feel of the materials, and the robustness of its construction highlight the meticulous attention to detail. This quality is a testament not just to BMW’s vision of excellence but also to the meticulous craftsmanship that went into each unit.

In essence, the BMW E39 is not just another car model from the annals of history; it’s an enduring symbol of what automotive perfection looks like. In a world where car models often become obsolete with the next annual release, the E39 continues to remind us of a time when cars were built to last and crafted to be timeless.

A Drivers Dream

For car enthusiasts, stumbling upon a low-mileage E39 is akin to discovering hidden treasure. Such models have become increasingly rare and are highly prized. They offer a slice of motoring history, a chance to experience a car that defined a generation and set the stage for the future.

The BMW E39 5 Series, with its harmonious blend of design, performance, and luxury, remains one of the crowning achievements of BMW’s storied history. A drive in one today reminds us of why it remains, in the eyes of many, the finest 5 Series ever crafted.

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