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Bournemouth Air Festival 2023: All The Information

31 August – 3 September 2023

Bournemouth Air Festival: The Skyline Spectacle of the UK

Every year, the coastal charm of Bournemouth transforms into a sky-high carnival, becoming a magnet for aviation enthusiasts, families, and tourists alike. The Bournemouth Air Festival, lauded as Britain’s premier free air and land festival, is not just an event—it’s an emotion. Since its inception in 2008, the festival has captivated over 8.5 million hearts, providing a sensational blend of gravity-defying aerobatics, nostalgic historic flights, and unparalleled land and sea entertainment.

But what makes the Bournemouth Air Festival a perennial attraction? It’s a mix of heritage and innovation. The festival is a living testament to aviation history with displays like the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, yet it never shies away from showcasing the cutting-edge prowess of aircraft like the RAF Typhoon. 

Moreover, the festival’s ethos goes beyond the daytime attractions. As the sun dips below the horizon, the Night Air segment lights up the atmosphere, both literally and figuratively. Pyrotechnic displays, live music, and military performances provide a nocturnal charm unparalleled in any other air show. Factor in the picturesque backdrop of Bournemouth’s beaches and you have a postcard-perfect setting.

But beyond the roaring engines and the seaside allure, it’s the sense of community and shared wonder that truly defines the Bournemouth Air Festival. Year after year, attendees, both new and returning, stand shoulder to shoulder, heads tilted skyward in collective awe. The festival encapsulates the human spirit’s love for adventure, the unknown, and the sheer joy of flight.

It’s no wonder that as summer approaches each year, there’s a palpable excitement in the air. People from all walks of life, irrespective of age or background, mark their calendars in anticipation. The Bournemouth Air Festival is more than just a weekend event—it’s a tradition, a celebration, and a mesmerizing spectacle that beckons to be experienced time and time again.

Bournemouth Air Festival 2023: The Headlining Acts

RAF Red Arrows: An emblem of British pride, the Red Arrows have showcased world-class aerobatic feats since 1965. Representing the Royal Air Force, their team of nine pilots and iconic red aircraft will grace Bournemouth skies, demonstrating a mesmerising blend of synchronicity, precision, and aerial artistry each day of the festival. These ambassadors of the skies symbolise the very best of British aviation expertise.

RAF Typhoon: Known for its agility, speed, and advanced technology, the Eurofighter Typhoon remains one of the world’s most formidable multirole combat aircraft. As it rips through the Bournemouth skies with its thunderous might both day and night, spectators will be treated to a breathtaking showcase of airpower and innovation throughout the festival’s duration.

Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight: This is not just an air display; it’s a flying tribute to those who defended Britain during the critical times of WWII. The Lancaster bomber, accompanied by the agile Hurricane and the universally adored Spitfire, takes us on a nostalgic journey, celebrating the spirit of sacrifice and victory. Their passage over Bournemouth Bay is a poignant reminder of Britain’s aviation history and the heroes who defined it.

RAF HC6A Chinook: A twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter, the Chinook is unmistakable with its thundering blades producing the signature “wocka wocka” sound. Celebrated for its versatility in transport, relief, and combat operations, the Chinook’s presence at the festival is a nod to modern-day aviation prowess.

Super Pitts Muscle Bi-Plane: Rich Goodwin’s aviation marvel has undergone a significant transformation. The G-JPIT Muscle Bi-Plane, already known for its agility, is now powered by two formidable ATM Lynx jet engines. This new addition promises to take aerobatic performances to the next level, introducing a blend of power and grace that’s set to dazzle.

Aerosuperbatic Wingwalkers: Taking thrill to new heights, the Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers are the epitome of daredevilry. As the only formation wingwalking team in the world, their acrobatic stunts atop moving planes, combined with dynamic flying formations, promise an unforgettable spectacle.

The Tigers Freefall Team: Representing the British Army, the Tigers are renowned for their precision and discipline. Their freefall parachute routines, complete with intricate formations and pinpoint landings, are a testament to the team’s unparalleled skill and training.

Supermarine Spitfire MK. XIX: Revered as one of the most iconic fighter aircraft of WWII, the Spitfire symbolises British resilience and innovation. Its elliptical wing design and distinctive roar have made it a beloved figure in aviation. Seeing the Spitfire MK. XIX in action is akin to witnessing history come alive.

Night Air Displays: A Nocturnal Symphony in the Skies

Bournemouth’s Night Air transforms the evening skies into a celestial theatre, merging the allure of aviation with the enchantment of night. The Typhoon’s dramatic dusk routines, spotlighted against the darkening horizon, set the stage. But the spectacle doesn’t end there. The sky comes alive with aircraft performing pyrotechnic-enhanced manoeuvres, illuminating the heavens with a dance of fire and flight.

On the ground, the festivities match the grandeur above. Meandering through the streets, one can find many entertainers, from musicians playing captivating tunes to street performers bringing stories to life. The military, too, showcases its might and discipline with riveting performances that pay homage to their enduring legacy.

And as the climax of this nocturnal celebration, Friday and Saturday nights witness a dazzling display of fireworks. Bursting forth in vibrant hues, they paint a tapestry of colours over the Bournemouth seafront, offering a fitting finale to the night’s revelries. The Night Air experience is not just an event; it’s an emotion, a spellbinding blend of light, sound, and passion.

Festival Facts & Details

Dates: 31 August to 3 September 2023

Timing: Opens at 10am and closes at 10pm (6pm on Sunday).

Entertainment: Action in the air, fun on land, and merriment at sea. Over 8.5 million people have been enchanted since 2008.

Distinctiveness: Beyond just an air show, Bournemouth promises a unique seaside experience with its Night Air entertainment.

Skyward Bound: Join the Spectacle at Bournemouth Air Festival 2023!

Come, witness, and be a part of this exhilarating 4-day saga. Bournemouth Air Festival is not just a show – it’s a sensation! Don’t miss out on the UK’s biggest air festival of the year.

Getting to the Bournemouth Air Show Simplified

By Bike or E-Scooter:

Use a Beryl Bike or E-scooter.

No e-scooters or cycling are allowed within the festival. Park them in marked bays outside.

Check for parking locations.

Food and chairs can be purchased on-site, so there is no need to bring them.

Park and Ride:

Service from Kings Park (BH1 4NN) every 15 mins.

Free parking; £15 return bus ticket.

Drop-off: Manor Road (BH1 3EZ), 5-10 min walk to the event.

Bus hours: Thu-Sat 9am-11pm, Sun 9am-7pm.

By Bus and Coach:

Coaches arrive near the train station.

Bournemouth buses route to the Town Centre.

Coach drop-off: Westover Road (BH1 2BU).

Coach parking: Queens Road (BH2 6BE); not available at Kings Park during the festival.

By Train:

Stations: Bournemouth main, Pokesdown, Branksome.

Fast service from London Waterloo in 97 mins.

By Boat:

Ensure you have the Marine Safety Zone Map.

By Car:

Recommended: Park and Ride.

Alternative parking: Avenue Road (BH2 5SL) or Richmond Hill (BH1 1JD).

Be mindful of busy seafront car parks. Park responsibly; illegally parked vehicles may be towed.

Familiarise yourself with Air Festival Traffic Restrictions.

Click here for more details, programmes, tickets and information on how to get here…

Important Note: E-scooters can’t be ridden within geo-fenced event areas.

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